Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Will these scars disqualify me from us army enlistment?

i%26#039;ve had them since 14 and yes they%26#039;re self inflicted. i have no mental disorders and no medical history of seeing a doctor. i%26#039;m 21.|||Depends on the MEPS that you go to. Worst case is they will order that you get a psychology consult to ensure that you are ok. Then either approve you or send you up for a medical waiver. You should be ok.|||This is a hard question to answer. Plan and simple anything can be waived when joining the military. Some branches are tougher than others when recruiting, however all are pretty much the same.

It is in my opinion that they will not disqualify you. However, questions will be raised about your mental history. Just because you never seen a %26quot;mental doctor%26quot; does not mean the military branch will not investigate. However, every branch does send you through MEPS. While at MEPS you will have a %26quot;brief%26quot; discussion with a %26quot;mental doctor%26quot; just to make sure your head is screwed on right.

Good luck!

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